2017. december 9., szombat

Szószedet: egyszerűség (simplicity)

The relevant facts of biochemistry are many; the student approaching this subject for the first time may occasionally feel overwhelmed. Perhaps the most encouraging development in twentieth-century biology is the realization that, for all of the enormous diversity in the biological world, there is a fundamental unity and simplicity to life. The organizing principles, the biochemical unity, and the evolutionary perspective of diversity, provided at the molecular level, will serve as helpful frames of reference for the study of biochemistry.
... http://a-aa.vectrix.hu/bioinfo/abox.php?o=o#1.6

Although living organisms contain a very large number of different proteins and different nucleic acids, a fundamental simplicity underlies their structure (Chapter 1). The simple monomeric subunits from which all proteins and all nucleic acids are constructed are few in number and identical in all living species. 
... http://a-aa.vectrix.hu/bioinfo/abox.php?o=o#.69

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There Are Four Levels of Architecture in Proteins ... Lehninger-Nelson-Cox: Principles of Biochemistry, 161.o.